Daily Archives: March 23, 2006

Higher Ed News Reading List

A few weeks ago (this took longer than expected to get back to) I wrote about OPML and reading lists. I was giving it a try and finally had an opportunity to complete what I believe is a working reading list for higher education news sources. Well, at least it validated but no one has actually tried to import it into a news aggregator. If you give it a try and it doesn’t work, I’m sure you’ll let me know. The reading list contains:

Chronicle Daily News Blog
Chronicle Wired Campus Blog
Inside Higher Ed
Kept-Up Academic Librarian
New York Times Education Feed
EDUCAUSE Connect: Technology in Higher Education
CNN.com – Education

When you import the reading list into your aggregator – and this appears to work fine with Bloglines (but not necessarily all aggregators) is will automatically subscribe you to the blogs contained within the reading list. To import the reading list into Bloglines, first choose EDIT. Then scroll to the bottom of the list of feeds. There you will find “import subscriptions”. Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the image that shows where you’l upload the reading list.


In the right frame, where it asks you to browse for the OPML file just cut and paste in this URL:
http://hosting.opml.org/stevenbell/higheredfeeds.opml (that’s where the OPML file resides). Then click the “import” button. If it works you will now be subscribed to these seven RSS feeds for higher education news.