Daily Archives: February 8, 2007

Serving the needs of all patrons

I think that everyone would agree that libraries are here to serve all their patrons. Over the past few weeks, my library has seen an unusual increase in the number of public patrons who come to use the internet on our public workstations. Now that second semester is in full swing, there have been moments when there are not workstations for students who came to the library to do research. The problem was identified by all of our staff members and we set out to discuss what actions should be taken during several staff meetings. I felt that this was one policy discussion that library school prepared me well to debate. When in graduate school, we talked about the pros and cons of similar situations and possible actions and repercussions. I applied the same discussions I had with other students in classes to our staff meetings. Since we are a federal depository library, and therefore open to the public for use of government information, we did not to ask public patrons to refrain from visiting, but have asked them to use the library’s computers for research purposes during high traffic times of student use. So far, the action has worked and we have struck a balance between the two groups needs. Public patrons who came to game or surf the internet are willing to transfer to another computer so students can use the ones located near the reference desk. I know that similar situations happen in libraries all over. I am curious to see how others libraries have acted in like situations; please feel free to share your comments.

Friends And Colleagues Gather To Honor Mary Jane Petrowski

ACRLog readers are probably familiar with the regular bloggers here at ACRLog. You may even know Kevin Clarke – our behind the scenes tech guru. But there’s another person who is instrumental to keeping ACRLog running as smoothly as it does. That would be Mary Jane Petrowski, the Associate Director of ACRL. I like to think of her as ACRLog’s 5th Beatle.

During the Seattle Midwinter conference many of Mary Jane’s friends and colleagues gathered to honor her, somewhat belatedly, and celebrate Mary Jane’s winning the ACRL Instruction Section’s (IS) Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award.The award honors Miriam Dudley, whose efforts in the field of information literacy lead to the formation of IS. The honor recognizes a librarian who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of instruction in a college or research library environment.

In the photo below from the party, Mary Jane (on the left) shares a Kodak moment with Mary Reichel, past president of ACRL and Chair of the upcoming Baltimore conference.


ACRLog Is Looking For ACRL Conference Bloggers

The ACRL National Conference in Baltimore is less than two months away. That means it’s time to start recruiting volunteers who would like to do some conference blogging for ACRLog. It’s easy. Just go to the sessions you’d go to anyway, write up some notes to let others know what you learned at the session, and submit it to the ACRLog blog team – we’ll post it for you.

For this conference ACRLog is participating in a joint conference blogging initiative with the ACRL Virtual Conference. That means we’ll be sharing our conference blog posts with the Virtual Conference attendees. So anyone who blogs for ACRLog will also have their posts communicated to the Virtual Conference attendees (and we’ll be carrying their blog posts in return). We hope to have good coverage of both the F2F and Virtual Conference.

If you’d like to be an ACRL conference blogger, contact Margot Conahan (msutton@ala.org) by February 16, 2007. Margot is coordinating all the conference bloggers. Please indicate if you’d like to address one of the perspectives listed below.

-Technical services
-New librarians/first-time attendees
-New technology in libraries
-Community college libraries

Bloggers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. And yes, you do have to register and pay the regular conference fee.