Higher Ed Associations Release Guide To Copyright

With its many gray areas, copyright law continues to puzzle both faculty and librarians. In an effort to clear up some of the confusion the Association of American Universities, the Association of Research Libraries, the Association of American University Presses, and the Association of American Publishers have combined to produce Campus Copyright Rights and Responsibilities: A Basic Guide to Policy Considerations. I think this could be a helpful publication for academic librarians who want to raise awareness about copyright among faculty. It appears to do a good job of explaining copyright law and the essential provisions for educators, including TEACH and other issues related to the use of digital media. However, the section on electronic reserves isn’t nearly detailed enough. So it’s a good overview, but I don’t think it’s going to put any of those folks running copyright workshops out of business. The good news is there is a clear and concise copyright statement within the guide that grants permission for reproduction and distribution in nonprofit education organizations. At 36 pages it might be the sort of publication you’ll want to distribute to faculty.

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