Want To Move Further Into Lib 2.0

We provided a post earlier this week on the growing conversation about Web/Lib 2.0. That circle continues to widen. It appears academic librarians are wondering just exactly how Lib 2.0 will manifest itself in their library environments. Certainly, new technologies for communicating with users, such as RSS, along with social networking and collaborative utilities, are at the core of Lib 2.0. For those who want to immediately begin shaping their libraries for Lib 2.0, there is an exciting new RSS device that will allow your community to acquire your RSS feeds and absorb them when they are most likely to have some free time on their hands. It seems like a must have for academic libraries on the cusp of entering the world of Lib 2.0.

2 thoughts on “Want To Move Further Into Lib 2.0”

  1. Library 2.0 seems to mean as much for academic as for public libraries, although obviously with some different emphases.

    We are working on a revision and clarification of the Talis white paper on this, v1.0 of which is available at http://www.talis.com/downloads/white_papers/DoLibrariesMatter.pdf.

    I’d certainly welcome any thoughts from academic library staff to go alongside the detailed discussions already underway with public libraries…

    Hints as to some of the possible value can be gleaned from our Talking with Talis (http://talk.talis.com/) chat with Cliff Lynch, although neither of us actually use the term during the conversation…

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