ALA Candidates for President Launch Blogs

On the heels of the withering (and, some have argued, less than fully informed) critique of blogs by ALA President Michael Gorman, it is good to see that both current candidates for ALA President-Elect, Bill Crowe and Loriene Roy, have launched campaign blogs. After Gormangate, it is good to see current candidates embracing this emergent communications medium. Apparently. to paraphrase Pogo, we have met the Blog People, and they are us!

Will we see campaign blogs from current candidates for ACRL President-Elect? Only time will tell.

Perhaps they’d like to do a “guest post” here on ACRLog? We await the call.

3 thoughts on “ALA Candidates for President Launch Blogs”

  1. “…and, some have argued, less than fully informed…”

    Weasel words.

    Why not say withering and uninformed?

  2. I think I would have been happy with a good old candidate’s web site. It will be interesting to see how many subscribers these blogs get on Bloglines.

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