Baltimore Button Debuts At ALA Midwinter

There were lots of flashing buttons and other gizmos up for grabs at the ALA Midwinter conference, but the one I proudly displayed was the new ACRL button promoting the 2007 national conference in Baltimore. Here’s a photo of the new button shown on my classic ACRL X (still the best freebie conference bag to date) conference bag:

acrlbuttonon bag

Here’s a thumbnail with a closeup of the button – click on the image for a larger view:


Outside of picking one up at ALA Annual in New Orleans, where I’m sure they’ll have plenty to give away at the ACRL booth, I’m not sure how ACRL members can get a Baltimore conference button. If I hear news about it, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

2 thoughts on “Baltimore Button Debuts At ALA Midwinter”

  1. “still the best freebie conference bag to date”

    That would explain why, in San Antonio, I was seeing so many people carrying a bag from a conference from 5 years ago. Clearly the way to achieve immortality for a conference is to give away a really excellent bag.

    On the subject of buttons, I hope everybody stopped by the ALA store to pick up a “Radical Militant Librarian” button. Even if you’re not a big button wearer, as I’m not, think of it as a donation to the Office for Intellectual Freedom. I even got one for my wife, who is not a librarian, but is a librarian sympathizer.

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