Daily Archives: February 21, 2006

NPR Addresses the Future of Libraries

According to the Talk of the Nation Web site, today’s program will be entitled, “The Bookless Library.” Here’s the blurb:

Information technology changes as soon we think we understand it. We look at how libraries keep up and redefine their role. How would you design a library for the 21st century?

For those of us who working during Talk of the Nation, transcripts and audio files should be by this evening. Want to participate, you can call into the program at 1-800-989-8255, or send an e-mail to with “21st century libraries” in the subject line.

Thanks to Christie Brandau, State Librarian of Kansas, for the tip!

Registration and Programs Posted for ACRL/CNI/EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference

Program information for the first ACRL/CNI/EDUCAUSE Joint Virtual Conference is now available and it looks like a feast for the senses if you’re interested in anything related to technology and the transformation of library resources, collections and services!

Innovate and Motivate: Next Generation Libraries will be online with synchronous and asynchronous programming on April 20-21, 2006. Registration is now open (and available until April 6th). And, you don’t even have to rush to book a conference hotel room or hope for a great, last-minute air fare!

And, yes, we’ll be looking for conference bloggers!