Get Up To Speed Quickly On Adapting To Digital Natives

If you have yet to discover UI Current LIS Clips, described as “a current awareness service for the library and information community”, now is a good time to do so. This publication does an excellent job of summarizing issues and presenting the most salient information in an easy-to-digest format. The latest issue focuses on “Digital Native or Digital Immigrant” and it examines research on ways to bridge the generational divide between academic librarians and the traditional undergraduates they serve. Six different research studies are summarized. Each isolates the key points that each research study suggests for how librarians will want to respond to millennials or rethink their services to better meet the needs of the digital natives.

While you are at the UI Current LIS Clips site, take a look at their September 2003 report on Marketing Library Services. While it could probably use an update, I’ve always found it a great resource for ideas and tips for marketing library resources and services.

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