Remeber To Vote For ACRL’s Future Leaders

The deadline to vote in the ALA election is April 24, 2006. If you’ve voted already, great. If not, here’s a reminder and some additional information that may help you make your choice for ACRL President. We have two outstanding candidates in Cynthia Steinhoff and Julie Todaro, so the choice may be a tough one. ACRLog is here to help with some additional information from the candidates. ACRL does offer statements from both candidates. However, many members were not able to attend the candidates luncheon at ALA mid-winter. At the program both candidates provide responses to seven questions about ACRL, its members, services, and academic librarianship.

I asked both Steinhoff and Todaro to provide their notes from the luncheon to ACRLog so that our readers would have an opportunity to learn more about the candidates. Many thanks to each candidate for providing this information. You will find their answers to the questions on one of our ACRLog “special feature” pages. Enjoy the reading, and even if you voted or don’t vote I recommend you take a look at this page. Our ACRL President candidates are both excellent academic librarians – both leaders within our profession – and what they have to say is worth reading.

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