It’s Finals Time…

and despite what Family Circus says, our library is teeming with students. I’ve never seen or heard so many flip-flops in all my life. I found myself wondering, what can a librarian do to connect with the flip-flop generation? Does the free-flopping toe encourage or inhibit information literacy?

3 thoughts on “It’s Finals Time…”

  1. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we’ve transitioned fromsnowshoes to our trusty galoshes [sic]. You don’t often see flip-flops in the library, but you do see plenty of students.

  2. Well, around here (US NAval Academy) I haven’t seen a flip flopped student in ages, perhaps ever. I must say that despite what some might think, its a great place to work and these are some of the best undergrads I’ve ever worked with anywhere. As for connecting, we just had a Library Study Break last night (Monday May 1st) to coincide with the start of exams and we had more than 500+ students for coffee, tea and cookies un about 2 hours time. They were rather thankful for our efforts and I’d like to think they will be more likely to connect with us in the future when they need some help.

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