A Real 21st Century ALA Conference – At Last

ALA announced today that it has contracted with the New Orleans Convention Center to offer wifi connectivity throughout the entire convention center for the duration of the annual conference. Wifi will be offered everywhere except the exhibit hall. The press release states:

In order to use the in-house wifi you must have a wifi-enabled device. Simply open your browser and you will be logged on to the center’s server, and you will then be free to browse just as you would in other public wifi situations. This service is provided for basic internet use like browsing and checking email. This is not meant for use with VPN or other point-to-point communications.

That should make it easier for all the bloggers to instantly post their program reports. Now, if ALA can next do something about the minuscule number of desktop computers provided to attendees at the convention center it will begin to feel like we’ve got some real technology in the house.

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