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ALA issued a news release today indicating that the American Association of School Librarians launched a permanent blog. Apparently AASL previously only did a conference blog. The blog team here at ACRLog welcomes AASL blog to the ALA family of blogs. What other divisions have them? I know that PLA and LITA have blogs, but I don’t think there are any others just yet. I’m sure that other divisions are planning them as I write this.

It would be great if all the ALA associated blogs could offer a uniform URL. We use www.acrlblog.org, but that is by no means a standard. I think it would be smart to have a common syntax along the lines of: www.divisionabbreviationblog.org (as in www.aaslblog.org; www.litablog.org, etc.). The URL for AASL blog is quite different. While I’m on wishing for things that will probably never come to fruition, how about a link on ALA’s home page for “Read ALA’s Division Blogs” – where you can find links to all of them.

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