ACRL Baltimore National Conference Update

On Sunday morning I attended a meeting of the Baltimore National Conference Executive Committee. Planning for the 2007 conference is really moving along and shaping up nicely. ACRL members will be hearing much more about the great programming that the Conference will offer.

I thought you might be interested to know more about the numbers of proposals submitted for the conference:

  • Contributed papers: 225 submitted – 44 can be accepted – (221 submitted in 2005)
  • Panel Sessions: 147 submitted – 34 can be accepted – (155 submitted in 2005)
  • Workshops: 23 submitted – up to 16 can be accepted – 36 submitted in 2005)
  • Preconferences: 13 submitted – up to 8 can be accepted (12 submitted in 2005)

    If your proposal is not accepted keep the poster sessions and roundtables in mind. Deadlines for those programs come later in 2006, and will provide more opportunities for participation. Speaking of the poster sessions, anyone who attended the Minneapolis conference will recall the massive overcrowding at the poster sessions owing to a serious lack of space in the exhibits hall for the posters. The early word is that there will be much more room allocated for the poster sessions area which should provide more than sufficient space for the ever popular poster sessions.

  • 2 thoughts on “ACRL Baltimore National Conference Update”

    1. Those are some impressive numbers, esp. for panel sessions (which will have an acceptance rate just under 25%) and contributed papers (which will have an acceptance rate just under 20%)!

      Good news about the poster sessions, though – the posters at Minneapolis were excellent, but it was difficult to move around! Wonder what the acceptance rate for these will be?

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