Reaction To Google Librarians Movie

When I first heard that Google wanted to make a movie featuring librarians I wrote an ACRLog post about it and indicated my curiosity about what the movie would actually be like. On first take it didn’t sound like such a great idea, and I suggested that librarians just ignore the offer all together. Well, you knew librarians couldn’t resist, so the movie did get made.

So when I went to the ALA conference I stopped by the Google booth to catch the movie. I watched it – more than a few times. You can read about my reaction to the movie in this piece called “Nice Infomercial, Google”.

One thought on “Reaction To Google Librarians Movie”

  1. Steven,
    Although I see your point and even agree with it, what does it mean when Library Journal posts your article online and includes right below it “Ads By Google:”? Is this not an implicit endorsement of some kind as well? Just wonder what your reaction or take on this might be. As always, thanks for posting and I look forward to your thoughts, Google ads and all.

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