One Year Ago Today…

On October 17, 2005 ACRLog made its official debut with a post titled “Come On In And Enjoy The Posts“. Since then the blog team has written another 352 posts, and more importanly our readers contributed 756 comments. We greatly appreciate your readership and the support of the academic library community – although we know that a fair number of our readers come from other professions in and out of higher education.

When ACRLog began it was averaging approximately 1500 sessions and 3000 page views a day. As of the most recent complete month, September 2006, we were averaging 3000 sessions and 6700 page views a day. Those are hardly “A List” blog numbers but we consider it an indicator that ACRLog is achieving success. Of course, we know there are still many academic librarians out there who have yet to discover the valuable news, information and commentary delivered by ACRLog. So if you haven’t recommended ACRLog to your academic librarian colleagues yet, we hope you will soon.

As far as our goals for the next year, we will continue to deliver our brand of commentary that examines the issues of the day for academic librarians, to call it the way we see it and ask the the questions that need to be asked. We will continue to reflect on the role and place of the academic librarian in the higher education enterprise. And we will continue to look to our readers for their thoughts and reflections about the issues. We will continue to invite your comments. But we’d like to go further as well. We would certainly like to publish more guest posts. If you want to share your thoughts and perspective on any relevant issue, please consider sending a post to any member of the blog team for consideration.

Thanks to our readers for supporting ACRLog. It’s been a great first year.

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