ACRL Launches Podcast Series

One of the events I always look forward to at the ALA midwinter conference is the Sunday afternoon forum at which the candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect respond to a series of questions about academic librarianship and respond to questions from attendees. The fact that there is a free lunch (Thank You EBSCO!!) has no impact on drawing me to this program. It’s always interesting to hear what the questions are (compiled by the local ACRL chapter from what I understand) and how the candidates respond.

The vast majority of ACRL members are unable to attend. Last year, and again this year, ACRLog will be providing the candidates notes from this program. That will present ACRL members who could not attend with an opportunity to see what the candidates think about these different issues. If you’d like to hear the candidates respond to some of the questions yourself, you can now do that.

ACRL has recently launched a new podcasting initiative. The first podcast being made available features Erika Linke and Scott Walter, the two candidates, responding to some of the questions asked at the candidates’ forum. I’m not quite sure what the subject of future podcasts will be, but I’m interested to find out. I subscribed to the feed. Visit the ACRL podcasting home page for more information.

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