Daily Archives: February 3, 2007

I Know It Was Red

It was years ago but I still remember the desparation in his voice and my own sense of utter uselessness. A man had returned a book to our main stacks (about 4 million volumes at the time) that was about literature. He knew the general call number area (narrowing it down to about 5000-8000 items give or take) and the color of the book. A real information need but none of my super power skills could help – the reference interview could elicit no more because he could not remember anything else that would help with searching for the item. How nice it would have been to have this: http://www.daveyp.com/blog/index.php/archives/170/! I’d want a few more features but the proof-of-concept is wonderful. Keyword/subject filters, limit by location, and also color of binding/cloth vs. jacket. I suppose we’ll see this in Amazon or somewhere else first but having helped many people track down a book they remember by its color – it would be a great reference tool.

Lisa Hinchliffe