No Change For The Horizon Report

Last year I criticized the Horizon Report for failing to include a member of the academic library community among their Advisory Board. I finally had an opportunity to read the Horizon Report for 2007. Again, the report should be required reading for academic librarians. And again, there are no librarians on the Advisory Board.

The lack of a librarian is all the more surprising because the top five issues are mostly Web 2.0 (social networking, virtual worlds, mobile phones, etc.) technologies that academic librarians have been actively discussing, exploring and applying to practice. Surely we must have something useful to add to the writing of the Report. And although the Horizon Advisory Board took note of information literacy as a “key trend” what the 2007 report had to say was little changed from 2006.

Well, one can only hope the Advisory Board will consider inviting an academic librarian to join for 2008.

3 thoughts on “No Change For The Horizon Report”

  1. The Horizon Project Advisory Board has included several representatives from the academic library community over the past several years, including the 2008 and 2009 Reports. (Several people on the 2007 Advisory Board were housed in academic library units as well.)

    Anyone can self-nominate to be on the Horizon Project Advisory Board — just complete the form at or by following the link on the project wiki at

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