What The Users Really Care About

If you go by the Maroon Opinions blog, academic library patrons have lots of concerns about the quality of the toilets. What is Maroon Opinions? It’s a blog that lists suggestions for and answers from the University of Chicago Library. Taking a longer look through the blog one sees there are a fair number of concerns beyond the bathrooms. There are actually some entertaining finds within the blog. Not a bad idea for an academic library blog that’s likely to attract some readership from the community.

One thought on “What The Users Really Care About”

  1. We’ve had a library suggestion blog in place since April 2005 and it’s poved to be a good way to get insights into what patrons’s concerns are. Also, I think it’s a good resource for staff to stay informed of library policies, etc. Here’s the link: http://blog.vcu.edu/libsuggest/

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