Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

The Librarians are Everywhere

“The librarians are everywhere. They are going where they need to be.”

This comment was overhead at our campus annual faculty active learning retreat earlier this semester. It was true – you couldn’t turn around in a session without seeing a librarian in the group. We have librarians very engaged with teaching and learning issues on campus! But, for me – it also speaks to a fundamental strategy for librarians. Be visible. Be present. Be around.

I keep finding time and time again that the best opportunities to connect with faculty come from seeing them at meetings, events, presentations, etc. These informal conversations lead to lasting and programmtic efforts and have a sense of ‘naturalness’ about them that breaks down some of the barriers that are inadvertantly set up in formal, scheduled meetings. The informality allows conversation to emerge as colleagues exploring topics of mutual interest rather than Hi, I’m the librarian and I’m here to collaborate on you.

We’re starting a list of campus events we want to keep attending and participating in with our classroom faculty. What do you do?

Lisa Hinchliffe