Libraries At The Cutting Edge

That’s the title of a commentary published today at Inside Higher Ed. Written by ACRL President Pam Snelson, this article will serve to inform IHE readers that the library is a vibrant and dynamic resource at their institution, and as Snelson says is “far from fading away in the Age of Google”. Published to coincide with the start of the ACRL National Conference, Snelson’s commentary will also remind IHE’s subscribers that libraries are about more than print and electronic resources, but that academic librarians are “partners in education.” Read the article and leave a comment in support of it.

If you are going to the ACRL conference in Baltimore, and you would like to meet to make suggestions for ACRLog or just share your views on blogs, academic librarianship or whatever, come to the ACRLog Roundtable session being held at 8:00 am on Saturday morning (we are table 9). I will be there with fellow ACRLog blogger Marc Meola to meet and greet ACRLog readers and to hear from you. We hope you will stop by to meet us.

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