Academic Librarians Flood The Aquarium

When I got to the Baltimore Aquarium on Saturday night it was so crowded that a bunch of us got directed into the cafe before we could go to into the exhibits. But eventually things thinned out and we got to move into the Aquarium. Photos I took are here, and here and here.

2 thoughts on “Academic Librarians Flood The Aquarium”

  1. Dang, Steven, didn’t that March of the Librarians video keep playing in your head at the Aquarium, especially with all of those moving sidewalk thingies? We got directed into the gift shop, which was fine with me. We avoided the last minute crush of librarians trying to purchase t-shirts.

  2. Ranger – March of the Librarians didn’t occur to me at the Aquarium, but I certainly couldn’t help thinking about it on a number of mornings when it appeared that librarians from all directions were being drawn to the convention center by some mysterious force. It’s a surprise that no cheerleaders or Mary Kays were trampled by the marching librarians.

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