In The Event Of A Tie…

If you had offered me the opportunity to wager a dollar to win a million on a bet that the ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect election would result in a tie, I probably would have said no way. I would have figured that’s a sure way to lose a dollar. So I was more than just surprised, shocked is more like it, when I heard that both Scott Walter and Erika Linke each received 1,645 votes. A tie! So, what happens in the event of a tie in any ACRL election? The by-laws of the organization stipulate that in the event of a tie the winner is determined through the drawing of lots (I believe the winner’s name was drawn from a hat).

So who won the drawing? Well the winner – and our next ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect – is Erika Linke. Congratulations to Erika. Both candidates ran admirable campaigns and are deserving of our respect and appreciation.

This is certainly going to be a memorable ACRL election. On behalf of ACRLog I want to thank both Erika and Scott for working with ACRLog to provide their candidate statements and candidate’s forum remarks to our readers. We hope that ACRLog was helpful to you, our readers, in providing information about the candidates and the election. And if you didn’t vote thinking that your participation wouldn’t make a difference…well, who knows, perhaps your vote would have decided the election.

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