It is too quiet without them

The library has been eerily quiet now that most students have left campus for the summer. I miss being interrupted numerous times a day, students working on their laptops, and the sound of books being checked in and out. So, when do they come back? I took a step back and thought about it, and I am member of their generation and I need to stay in contact with my friends. As a last hurrah, we held our Student Appreciation Picnic last week for the students who worked for us during the school year and I, of course, took photos to document the event. To keep in touch, the students and I talked and I decided to open up my personal Facebook profile to my students. There has been great success so far. I am friends with most of the students that work for me and I added pictures of the Student Appreciation Picnic to one of my photo albums. Right now we all keep in touch virtually, but I look forward to August when they return and we can get the next year underway. To everyone who has read my posts during the course of the 06-07 school year, thank you. In the next couple of weeks, I will submit my last post with reflections on the completion of my first year as an academic librarian.

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