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As an ACRLog reader you already know about Barbara Fister’s amazing insight, wit and writing ability. What you may not know is that Fister also maintains a comprehensive webpage that compiles information about summer reading programs at many institutions. Well, apparently reporters for the New York Times know about it.

They quote Fister in an article published yesterday about college summer reading programs.

“Summer reading programs straddle the book-club phenomenon, in which people enjoy talking about books, not critically, and academic reading, which students approach very differently,” said Barbara Fister, a librarian at Gustavus Adolphus. “I think summer books used to be more for self-understanding and individual growth, and lately they’ve shifted more into global understanding.”

Great stuff Barbara! My only beef – shouldn’t they be identifying her as “Barbara Fister, blogger for the internationally recognized ACRLog”. C’mon NYT reporters. Get your facts straight.

2 thoughts on “ACRLog Blogger Quoted In NYT Article”

  1. Good point Barbara. I noticed our students talking about our summer reading (Dead Man Walking) on Facebook. Many of them were surprised that they were enjoying the book and commented that it was better than what they had to read in high school.

  2. Thanks for catching that, Steven. It was really pretty cool to be chatting with a reporter for the Times. I was also pleased that she mentioned one of our student’s research. We have a scholarship to support a student researcher provided by our friends group, and Andrew Twiton was the recipient last year. He reviewed the literature on college common reading programs (there’s not a lot out there) and surveyed people involved in these programs.

    By the way, the list I maintain is as complete as I can make it – but I know there are a lot of you out there who have common reading or summer reading programs that aren’t included there. If you don’t see your institution on the list, I’d love to add it.

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