Looking For Our Next First-Year Academic Librarian

You probably saw a recent final post from Lauren Jensen, ACRLog’s 2006-07 new academic librarian. It seems like we were just introducing Lauren to you. On behalf of the blog team I want to thank Lauren for agreeing to be our first new academic librarian, assigned with the task of providing field reports on the academic librarian’s first-year experience. The reports were informative and insightful, helpful to new librarians and seasoned professionals alike.

But as Lauren moves into her second year, her role as the new academic librarian comes to an end. So the blog team is searching for a new librarian to become our 2007-08 academic librarian’s first-year experience reporter. We are looking for an academic librarian who will be starting (or has started within the last month or two) their first full-time position in any type of college or university. Those interested in being our next first-year experience reporter can contact me directly. If you have a first-year colleague who you think would be good for this, please pass this on. What we’ll need from interested parties is a sample first post – between 250 and 300 words – that shares thoughts, concerns, feelings, observations, etc. on entering the academic librarian profession. We’ll be accepting these writing samples through September with the goal of introducing our new first-year colleague at the beginning of October.

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