Introducing Our New First-Year Academic Librarian Bloggers

We should have known better than to think we’d find just one person to be our new first-year academic librarian blogger. We got more than a few applicants, and it became obvious that we wouldn’t be able to choose just one because the submissions were that good. So we decided to invite four of our new professional colleagues to join us here at ACRLog as first-year academic librarian bloggers. We hope you will enjoy sharing their experiences and their views of and perspectives on the issues that impact our profession and higher education. Our new bloggers are:

Brett Bonfield is a recent grad who currently holds a part-time business librarian position at the University of Pennsylvania and also works part-time in the library systems office at Temple University. We previously published a guest post by Brett that was well received.

Kim Leeder just started a position as a reference librarian at Boise State University. Kim has previously served as an ACRLog conference reporter who provided posts from ALA.

Melissa Mallon began her position as the library instruction coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown in August.

Josh Petrusa was recently hired as the electronic resources librarian at Norwich University.

So we welcome our four new blogging colleagues. You’ll soon be seeing a first posting from each of them in which they’ll write a bit more about themselves and their initial impressions from the field.

The ACRLog blogging team extends its thanks to all the new academic librarians who submitted sample posts. We regret that we could not accept them all, but we wish all of you much success in your careers.

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