Those Canadian Academic Librarians Are Shakin’ Up The Shelves

Some might accuse ACRLog of ignoring what’s happening in academic librarianship north of the border. Well, it’s time for some well-deserved recognition. University Affairs (or Affaires Universitaires for you folks from Quebec) , which appears to be the Canadian equivalent of University Business, features an article about the “New Librarians” in their December 2007 issue (does time run a month ahead in Canada?). It’s a great piece on how academic libraries are changing, as led by some new folks with revolutionary ideas. As you might expect, Jeff Trzeciak of McMaster University is prominently profiled. Dean Giustini, who writes the Google Scholar Blog, is also mentioned for some of the work he’s been doing at the University of British Columbia. I learned about this article from Giustini’s blog (interesting post on collegiality and tenure) – an off-topic post for sure. I hope we’ll continue to hear more good things about our colleagues up north. For me, that’s usually New York.

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