When ACRLog first appeared one of the most frequent questions put to blog team members was “Why is your URL www.acrlblog.org instead of www.acrlog.org?” Uhh…great question. The answer…”Because it is.”

Well, we finally got around to making that adjustment, just a mere 2 years and 4 months after we blogged our first post. Now, www.acrlog.org is our new URL. We’re all about change here at ACRLog.

If you have the old link bookmarked or sitting on a page, no need to rush to update it. We have a redirect that will get you to the new URL. But our URL is so easy to remember now, you won’t even need them.

3 thoughts on “We Are Now WWW.ACRLOG.ORG”

  1. Good move.

    Now, about that “www.”… Really? In 2008? Necessary? After all, most browsers will add it if it’s missing.

    But harmless, I guess.

    [Sez the proprietor of citesandinsights.info, waltcrawford.name/waltcrawford.com, and walt.lishost.org, none of which have www. prepended. Maybe I’m missing loads of traffic. Maybe not.]

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