Play The Big Game At ALA In Anaheim

Sure, there is lots of game playing at ALA Annual, but now there’s a real game you can play – and if you like scavenger hunts – this one is for you. The game is for everyone attending the conference. It is called California Dreaming. Now, you can play the game individually, but apparently it works better if you get on a team. Here’s the good part. There’s an “academic librarian” team and it will compete against teams of school librarians, public librarians, special librarians, something called “Library Society of the World” (don’t ask) and students. C’mon. Do any of these other groups stand a chance against academic librarians? Of course not.

If you want to find out more about California Dreaming check out this blog post. You will get more details on how the game works, how to join a team and all that good stuff. And you thought that ALA in Anaheim wasn’t going to be fun. Guess you were wrong.

5 thoughts on “Play The Big Game At ALA In Anaheim”

  1. Whaddya mean “don’t ask” about the Library Society of the World?

    The LSW is a worldwide (though heavily North American) network of library people from all kinds of libraries who wanted a professional organization that wasn’t so professional or organized. You’ll find more information on the wiki here, and a list of the librarians who will be winning the California Dreaming game here:

    One of our slogans is “LSW: We’ll Never Make You Go To Anaheim.”

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