A Visit To The ACRL Booth

It’s always fun to stop by the ACRL booth at ALA Conferences to see who’s hanging out and who’s actually staffing the booth. Here’s what the booth is looking like these days:

Hanging at the ACRL Booth at 2010 ALA MW
Hanging at the ACRL Booth at 2010 ALA MW

The folks staffing the booth when I stopped by were Kathy Parsons (far left) of Iowa State University (who I had the pleasure of meeting in Waterloo back in May of 2009 when I spoke to the Iowa ACRL Chapter) and Ann Riley of the University of Missouri. I didn’t quite catch the name of the fellow on the far right, but he mumbled something about once writing for ACRLog. Sure pal. Everyone says they wrote something for ACRLog.

Dang. I forgot to check if they had giveaways for the Philadelphia Conference in 2011 – like refrigerator magnets or bookmarks. Oh well, there’s a reason to visit the booth at ALA in Washington, DC.

2 thoughts on “A Visit To The ACRL Booth”

  1. I had a chance to volunteer at the ACRL booth at Midwinter this year for the first time, with my library school friend Melissa (http://melissahoulroyd.info/). I had a great time and although I was only there for one hour, I met some cool people. I talked to some library school students, handed out my business card so that I could help them make contacts and find jobs, and encouraged lots of people to join us for the 2011 conference in Philly! I tried to talk up the virtual conference too 🙂 I think volunteer opportunities like this are nice for newcomers to ACRL – it’s not stressful, you get to meet people, and you can get started working with ACRL.

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