Looking Into Federated Search

If you are exploring whether or not to get into federated searching at your library take advantage of a good post over at The Distant Librarian about a recent federated search symposium sponsored by the Alberta Library. There are some good notes on Roy Tennant’s presentation about the implementation of a federated search system for the California Digital Library, a speech by the product manager for Google Scholar, and presentations by federated search system product vendors. It looks like the sort of information that could be of use in the decision-making process.

ALA Candidates for President Launch Blogs

On the heels of the withering (and, some have argued, less than fully informed) critique of blogs by ALA President Michael Gorman, it is good to see that both current candidates for ALA President-Elect, Bill Crowe and Loriene Roy, have launched campaign blogs. After Gormangate, it is good to see current candidates embracing this emergent communications medium. Apparently. to paraphrase Pogo, we have met the Blog People, and they are us!

Will we see campaign blogs from current candidates for ACRL President-Elect? Only time will tell.

Perhaps they’d like to do a “guest post” here on ACRLog? We await the call.

The I-School Speaks!

Students at the University of Washington Information School have started up a new podcast, InfoSpeak, which they cast as a “lyceum” for the Information Age (with extra credit for pulling the definition of lyceum from Wikipedia). The first episode finds my favorite textbook author, Joe Janes, expounding on “Google, Search Technology, and What It Means to be Human.” Loads of potential here.

ARL/ACRL Announce Scholarly Communications Institute

Building on the successful professional development model found in programs like the ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute and the Institute for Information Literacy Immersion program, ACRL will be teaming up with ARL to provide an Institute on Scholarly Communication in July 2006. From the brochure:

“As a participant in this 2.5 day immersion program, you will become fluent with scholarly communication issues and trends so that you are positioned to educate others on your library staff, engage in campus communications programs and other advocacy efforts, and work collaboratively with other participants to begin developing an outreach plan for your campus.”

No information yet on program faculty, but applications aren’t due until April 1, 2006, so there’s time for much more content to be delivered. Mark your calendars!