Congratulations To Hinchliffe On ACRL Election Victory

ACRL announced its election results. In the race for ACRL vice-president/president-elect, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe was victorious with 56% of the vote. ACRLog congratulates Hinchliffe on winning the election. Hinchliffe is no stranger to ACRLog. She is a past member of the blog team, and is the current chair of the ACRLog Advisory Board. I imagine that when Hinchliffe begins her term as ACRL president in July 2010, ACRLog will be among her top priorities. Kelly S. Janousek was Hinchliffe’s opponent in the election.

What about the voting totals? Did more ACRL members make an effort to cast their vote? Well, despite the fact that it’s fairly easy to do even with ALA’s clunky voting software, the number of ACRL members voting actually dropped. Compared to the election that ended in a tie in 2007, between Erika Linke and Scott Walter, there were 265 fewer votes cast this year. If you are an ACRL member and you voted – good for you. If you didn’t vote – hopefully you’ll make more of an effort next year.