Welcome To Our Fellow ACRL Blog – ACRL Insider

Maybe you thought that one ACRL blog could say it all. Well it turns out that one blog is not enough for ACRL – now there are two. We ACRLog bloggers welcome ACRL Insider to the blogging scene. We think it will help our readers to keep up with ACRL news and developments that we often pass on here at ACRLog. Here are some more details from a press announcement released yesterday:

The mission of ACRL Insider is to keep ACRL members and other interested parties current and informed on the activities, services and programs of the association. ACRL Insider features information on publications, events, conferences and eLearning opportunities, along with podcasts and other media. With the launch of this new communication tool, ACRL hopes to foster openness and transparency by providing an outlet for connection between members and staff. In order to encourage a collaborative environment, all ACRL Insider posts allow for reader comments and suggestions.

So what is the relationship between ACRLog and ACRL Insider? That was mentioned in the press release too:

ACRL Insider focuses on communicating information about the association to members and the wider academic library community, while the existing ACRLog weblog (http://www.acrlblog.org/) continues to address the issues of the day in the field of academic and research librarianship. The blogs work in tandem to provide a big picture view of the association and academic librarianship.

We look forward to joining with ACRL Insider to form a powerhouse library blogging combo dedicated to the needs of academic librarians.