Smarts And Talent Are Good Starts But…Thoughts For 2008

You’re smart. You’ve got talent. But is that enough? Or is there more to getting where you want to go in this profession? What big things do you want to accomplish in 2008? If you’d like to explore these questions in more depth take a closer look at this post and discussion at a blog called Fabio asks that perennial question – what does it takes to be successful? Looking at it from the perspective of problem solving, something frequently on our agenda these days, he comes up with an inventory of what it takes to succeed. The qualities on his list go beyond being smart, talented or both. How about: good judgment; creativity; luck; patience; strong work ethic; time management; persistence; stamina; street smarts; writing ability.

How would I sum it up. Two words. Hard work. Some talent and smarts will give you a good start. If you are lacking in either that needn’t be a barrier. I agree with Fabio that there are so many elements to achieving success, whether you are a faculty member, librarian or student. Any combination of abilities can factor into the success equation. But above all it’s hard work that can make the difference. But you can give yourself an edge. Fabio makes a good point when he says that each of us, if we are able to recognize our particular talents, can choose work or projects that play to our strengths and depend little on our weaknesses. So take it Fabio when he says: don’t obsess over smarts! Each of us has a lot more with which to work. We just need to discover and respect it.

So my advice for the new year is that each of us should spend some time thinking reflectively about our own strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a personal strategy for capitalizing on what we do best. Of course, some hard work should be part of the plan. And if you’ve got a great idea to share, have an issue that needs attention or simply would like an opportunity for your voice to be heard consider making one of your resolutions a commitment to write a guest post for ACRLog in 2008. Exercise your smarts, talent, creativity or whatever particular strengths you hold. See that ACRL Tip Page link on our page. Use it to contact us.