The First Few Weeks

I think that most people would agree that the first few weeks of any new job are a little stressful and nerve-wracking; I would. New co-workers, policies, agendas, and responsibilities have kept me busy for the initial weeks of my new job as the Public Services Librarian at a small liberal arts college. Before starting, I was nervous about my first afternoon at the Reference Desk and the first instructional session I was responsible for planning. At the same time, I was very excited to meet the rest of the staff, see my new office, and joining the ranks of other professional academic librarians. Settling into my new role started with overviews and explanations of the daily functions of the library. Staff members took time to go over their areas and how I would interact with them on a daily basis and for what reasons. I also took time to settle into my office, go through notes the previous librarian had left for me, figure out how to get through all those emails (that just keep coming), and begin to establish a routine. I also pulled out my philosophy of librarianship that I developed in graduate school and stuck it up on my bulletin board. It will serve as a reminder of why I personally chose this field and the challenges that accompany it. I would also like to thank ACRL for the opportunity to report on my first year experience and I hope that you check back for updates and comments.