Approaching the next semester

Last time I wrote, I was preparing to say good-bye to a colleague who helped me work through my first semester as an academic librarian. As spring semester approaches, my library welcomes a new member to our staff. The search committee and hiring processes wrapped up and I think the experience was something that library schools should touch on to prepare new librarians for once in the working world. For any new librarian who will go through the process, I recommended listening to others on the committee and to your human resources contact for the legal aspects you must keep in mind during the search process. I also went through notes from my administration and management class in graduate school – to refresh the basics. Most importantly, make sure that you speak up in search committee meetings – remember, you will be hiring a new staff member that everyone will have to work with everyday. Our new staff member started this week and I have helped with the transition and the training; all is going well. Training is one of the easiest parts of the transition; library school did a wonderful job preparing me for that aspect.

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